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CapKlenZ™ Disinfecting Needleless Port Connectors achieved a 99.99%* reduction in microorganisms associated with CLABSI including Candida Auris.

Alcohol Fluid Path Testing

CapKlenZ™ demonstrated negligible amount of IPA ingress into the attached IV line when compared to a competitor. IPA exposure represents a significant safety concern, particularly for vulnerable patient populations.

Bench test study was performed based on disinfection caps testing article by Sauron et al., 2015.

Graph shows the IPA ingress of competitor and CapKlenz™.


CapKlenZ™ was tested in Clearlink®, Clave®, Microclave®, SmartSite™, Neusite™.
Competitor was tested in SmarSite™, CareSite®.

“Using isopropyl alcohol impregnated disinfection caps in the neonatal intensive care unit can cause isopropyl alcohol toxicity” (Sauron et al., 2015). Available on

Microbial Physical Barrier Testing

CapKlenZ™ provides a physical barrier for up to 168 hours (7 days) under normal conditions if not removed.
Microbial Physical Barrier testing achieved 0%* microbial ingress when challenged with a bioaerosol.


*All samples demonstrate zero growth after 1 hour, 24 and 168 hours.

In vitro finding on CapKlenZ™. No Observable Colonies ≤ 1 were found after 1 hour, 24 and 168 hours of exposure for the Pseudomonas aeruginosa bioaerosol tested.

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Product Catalog Number Dispenser Units Per Box
CapKlenZTM Caps for Needleless Port Connectors CK-MPF10-200-B Individuals 200